Man is born with all faculties

all perfect in their place

he lives in  splendour all through the days

if he is a man of a status and of caste

he is pushed to the nadir each and every day

if he comes from an ordinary family and  of caste

caste denotes high and low

status comprises the money and matter.





Fire And Wind

Fire ravages east and west

winds blow north and south

fumes pass in all directions

men and women and children

run, where to in the chaos?


The Man and Men

A man on the cliff

called to the men down

Oh, here I am

look at me

I am one of you

I had been battered by misfortunes

I am about to end my life

I am going to jump from this point.

Shall I jump or shall  I not?.


The men below stood confused

they called to him

look at us

we are like you

we are under great trouble

we live with hope

we still walk past  and tread through

Should we live or should we not?