A Faux Pas

A faux pas it was

a blunder so to say

he commits one after another

a daredevil he is

impulsive in a way

acts in a speed

plunders and loots

eats and devours

robs and steals

mind not my over telling

it be his manner in an all

a criminal with a quest

one to overturn and create a chaos.







The Negates.

Lay around in a deluge

articles of all sort

none to touch.


Scattered all around

is a family of six

none in terms.


Withered all around

lay the grains

none to irrigate.


The singing bird

is terribly ill

no music around.


Having lost his wealth

by spending extravagantly

he lies in despair.


Drunk to the brim

the drunkard  lies

on the road  uncared.



Known for his misdemeanour

the wayward son goes astray

wish he not been born.


Have cited  too many negates

an indication be they alone.

caution be yours.