Seen and Unseen

The sunrise is beautiful
so is the sunset .
the moon waxes and wanes
being lovely.
the stars twinkle day and night
great in tone
such be the features of nature
open and close
so be the characteristics of man
seen and unseen.


Noise in Decibel

Noise in decibel

grow high and very strong

the ears rebel.


The noise pollutes

not with dust and dirt

sound  not dilute.




The Featured Programs

The featured programs

be it in any channels

go with a wide popularity

the people sit glued

watch with an intensity

those around disappear

cry when the protagonist cries

laugh when the comedian performs

become a character in a way

talk about it for days

what an impact they hold!

hilarious most times

tragic too in a means

the precious time lost

hard to wean the majority

who turn out to be imprisoned

locked and blocked altogether.




Poetry thoughts

A Break From The Routine.

A break is indeed what I require

a stop  temporary would help

not very much I do in a routine

yet I feel the fatigue very much.


If tiredness sets in for a person like me

imagine what  could be the state for those

who toil and work from morn to night

I am a no way comparison to them.


If I am so exhausted as I experience

my well being could be a question

nothing undesirable could be found

yet I need  a break from what little I do.


Could it be to a monotony  in the run?

Could it be due to age  in the years?

Could it be to a cause unknown?

I really  am not able to catch up.











Heart Loses its Tremor.

The days go by

encounter a lot of delays

unable to go about my way

it has been a lifetime

seen no rhyme

whatsoever, be it in wealth

be it in health

that is not all a strength

being a destiny I conclude

playing hard on me  rather rude

accept I without a murmur

while my heart  loses its tremor

well, it is to me all through.


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