The Day is Short.

The day is short
the night is long
a great difference
it does not happen
mostly in tropicals
does happen
ever in the temperate
today it is so
a distinction remarkable
reasons unknown
a feature new
could be an omen
might be for the good
hope the tropicals
become cool and pleasant.


All Being So

It is greatness

being one of a magnanimous

circumspection  of sense.


It is ideal

being one of a noble

a large heart.


It  is  beautiful

being one of a loveliness

a good turn.


All be said

as being of a divine

an ecstatic exhilaration.



Music Flows

The music flows

not  live

but on youtube

comes in a rhythmic  flow.


The music enwraps

not  live

but on youtube

encircles  in a divine wrap.


The music keeps you afloat

not live

but on youtube

endears with a float.


The music  made available

live years ago

youtube caters now

technology makes it possible.



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Nice to be reviewed
nicer to be not reviewed
at times meaningless comments
come up and torment
write a poem as it comes
do not bother what next comes
it is your mind that works all along
do not wait for criticism any long.