Ten Years.

I look back with joy

ten long years  have gone

I am still on.


I came  for a holiday

ten years  have turned

all my days.


I purposefully came

ten years back to watch an event

now, I am a savant.


The turns  and twists in my life

cannot  be  arranged  in order

push me to a disorder.


I am a circumstantial  prisoner

in and out I go and come

better if I had been dumb.










An Array Of Beads

An array of beads

green, red and blue

yellow being the loveliest

a string of all

could be loved by all

wish to make one

just for fun.



A May Morning

It is a May morning

there is drizzle

the birds come out and go back

fear there could be more rain

a pleasant morning it seems

with a breeze all too cool

and the sun still in its slumber

a respite from the hot

of yesterdays

scorching and sweltering

could the birds have a premonition?

wonder so, wishing a cool day.