Bananas are yellow

look ripe and not hollow

have a glow.


Chop The Baby

My aunt had a liking  for me

always she spoke  to me in glee

once she told me of her early life

that made me shudder  in disbelief.


Her mother in law was  rude

her husband was a dood

if not for her mother and  father

she would have died long back rather.


Once her mother in law  cried hoarsely

grabbed  my aunt’s newborn  savagely

threatened to chop the baby

into pieces. It might sound crazy.


My aunt stood brave and undisturbed

it is this stoicism that won her accolades

she thwarted all her in . law’s  schemes

with prudence  which became  a great redeem.


So she lived all her days

fighting and surviving  in a chase

she is her twilight days

a woman who demands a praise.