Catastrophic –Fort McMurray

The fire in Fort  Mc Murray

a disaster in a way
 the fire raged high and low
 devouring what came into its flow
 the temperature  ran high
 the winds blew with a sigh
 the trees burnt in a glow
 the houses were charred in a blow
 the roofs came down
 the whole place turned a grisly brown
the evacuation could not be fast
 as the traffic got choked in a cast
 all cars went in one direction
the children clamoured in a dereliction
it was beyond human control
 the fire rages still high and bold.

A Strive — Change I Did Not Expect.

To be far away from home

for part of the year

to be at my home

for part of the year

a sojourn I meticulously keep

never partial or show favouritism

to my home of love in any way

else to another being the place of earning

I go about with a call in mind

that  I have to slog for my bread

I could afford to  come back for a month or two

nestle lovingly in my  home  of years

with all the fanfare alive  and active

my staff around carrying out the errands

alas!could  last only for few months

back I am in the place  of occupation

my back is strained to the most

as I do all the chores from A to Z

well, this has been my lifestyle

now for a decade or so in the run

as age catches up one has to relax

being the other way round I strive

as I advance in years I struggle

cannot blame anyone  for the  change

what has to happen will happen

I take the cue from Bhagavad Gita.






An Aunt of Mine

An aunt of mine

used to tell me fine

she would say If I die

none would cry

does not matter

it would not shatter

as I lie dead

on my cosy bed

I cannot open my eyes

to see those nice

who shed tears

nor I have the fears

to watch those  in state

who remain unabated

I would have traveled miles across

only my body lies  in a pause.

I did not take it seriously then

now I track the anecdote often

how worldly wise she had been

with a wisdom and insight keen.






Harsh Summer.

Hot , hotter and hottest

obsessed I with heat

day by day the heat increases

never does it go down

perspiration, sweat and fatigue

overcomes with a force

thirst, thirst unquenchable thirst

overwhelms in all

unable to appease it

with litres of water and juices

not able to venture out

unable to  sit locked in the house

unbearable it becomes all the more

questionable to the sustenance?

how am I to endure the rest of summer

so hot and so cruel being against all norms.