A Strive — Change I Did Not Expect.

To be far away from home

for part of the year

to be at my home

for part of the year

a sojourn I meticulously keep

never partial or show favouritism

to my home of love in any way

else to another being the place of earning

I go about with a call in mind

that  I have to slog for my bread

I could afford to  come back for a month or two

nestle lovingly in my  home  of years

with all the fanfare alive  and active

my staff around carrying out the errands

alas!could  last only for few months

back I am in the place  of occupation

my back is strained to the most

as I do all the chores from A to Z

well, this has been my lifestyle

now for a decade or so in the run

as age catches up one has to relax

being the other way round I strive

as I advance in years I struggle

cannot blame anyone  for the  change

what has to happen will happen

I take the cue from Bhagavad Gita.






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