The Coloured Ribbons.

The red ribbon
flies at a height unsurpassable
potential danger.

The blue ribbon
is seen at a moderate level
plausible goodwill.

The yellow ribbon
waves with a warmth
brings in happiness

The white ribbon
flutters in a mild manner
proposes peace.double-satin-ribbons


The Coconut Trees

The twenty-five coconut trees in my garden
have grown so tall looks as though they reach the sky
bear twenty to 30 coconuts every 40 days
a great joy to watch the harvest.

The kothanar (mason) as the harvester is addressed
climbs with perfection and style
he falters not in any way
reaches the top in no time.

He tucks the aruval (sickle) in his waist
cleans the web that surrounds coconut trees.
cuts the dried fronds that hamper growth
releases the tree from unwanted entanglements.

He knocks on the cluster of coconuts
finds out the appropriate ones
slashes the one which holds
the coconuts fall down in tens.

A fascination to watch
eloquent and awesome
my eyes stay fixed to the trees
while I count 1,2,3


Euphemism and Dysphemism

As a man dies
the spirited soul flies
the body remains.

While on mourn one hears
talks of his achievements
whispers of his faults.

Days pass a reversal  is found
contempt spreads at large
tales of his defects abound.

The tongue wags
waxes many a story
wanes even more.

Life is beautiful
euphemism enlarges,
dysphemism shrinks.