Kuala Lumpur –A City for All

A city of importance

Kuala Lumpur  professes

a great distinction

cosmopolitan in outlook

not very expensive

a city of  potential

heavily trafficked

a beautiful place

with a lot of attractions

the twin towers of recent

to the Bird’s park to nature lovers

malls of sophistication all over

high rise buildings stand atop

with a weather pleasant

rains every evening

the city of the east

could be dubbed

as an affordable one

whilst Singapore  being adjacent

speaks discipline and decorum

this city is not very tight in a sense

prone to burglary and mini thefts

it has a grace of its own

being simple to simple folks

claiming  snobbishness too

where people turn to be fashionable

a city to you and me and all

 that could be its call.



it is a delight

to be in a limelight

not once but often

could be in tens

a love to chair the meet

takes up the thought  upbeat

could you call it a feat?

never would I in any treat

as it is absolutely egocentric

never a feel of a generic



An Abridged Version

He came

He conquered

He returned .

A story short

long one abridged

a three line  one

of a three-year struggle

presented so well

as if it happened

quick as a wink

all in a speed

the close and a shut

of the eyelids

a portrayal so nice

could you believe?

nay, I do not.




No One is a Foe.

A cat on the wall

I see  him on my wall

burly and brown

whiskers long  and grown.


The cat on my  wall

sits tight on the wall

stares at me fiercely

am an intruder truly.


Sits there for long almost tired

unhappy as his wall is shared

I too, for my part, sit there  tired

unhappy as my wall is shared.


Anger brews and fury rises

seen in the cat’s eyes

found  in a sparkle  bright

emits an animosity  straight.


I control my temper  with not ease

feel bad as if I am teased

want to drive the cat out

he an illegal occupant all throughout .


The  cold war lasted for a while

both of us indignant in style

I chastizing him for his intrusion

he mumbling  against my  intervention.


All things have to come to an end

in a way or another one has to bend

so did the cat with a bow

understood,cat sits no one is a bitter foe.