Ten Years.

I look back with joy

ten long years  have gone

I am still on.


I came  for a holiday

ten years  have turned

all my days.


I purposefully came

ten years back to watch an event

now, I am a savant.


The turns  and twists in my life

cannot  be  arranged  in order

push me to a disorder.


I am a circumstantial  prisoner

in and out I go and come

better if I had been dumb.









Age Evolution Experience feelings friendship

Stages Of Friendship

I had a score of friends when I was small.
We played the whole day without a fall.
We played hide and seek in the hall.
We hid behind the big wall
Then came out in a crawl.

I had ten friends when I was an adolescent.
The memory of those days is still nascent.
We shared our feelings ebullient.
We enriched ourselves with references brilliant.
The aroma of that kinshiphide and seek is effervescent.

As I age my friendship narrows down.
My circle is almost five down.
Mostly I languish alone.
Now I propose a softened tone.
The days of noise are no more known.