A Festival of Every Year.

Away from my home

not from the real in a sense

was avidly on a roam

where there were dense

a crowd of people around

on an occasion  of a festival

happens every year with a bound

where there be a big carnival

as people enjoy themselves

with a lot of events in a row

of a divine grace on the day

being a Pournami in the show

the devotion turns into play

with the surge of people in a flow

chanting and praying  in a trance

a temple of hundred years  or more

some even start to dance

as ecstasy mounts  to  a maximum

a beautiful celebration  professes a sobriety

as  well as a joy which grips not in a minimum

made me sit and watch for a day and two

an allowance  I extend to myself every year

well, a lively sojourn that I do not miss in true

it helps me to keepchitra  pournami 2016

myself in cheer.








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