Tired in Ways

Tired I am

fatigue overtakes in  all ways

distinctive in chase



A Painstaking Write.

A painstaking write

could be right

but  would be stressed

as it is pressed

not once but times more

could be done in four

the repeated scrutiny

would turn the destiny

either for the good

as in most brood

else for the bad

become a fad

taught and thought

could be a sort

heavily loaded

very well shouldered

yet lacks the spontaneous

left  as a thesis  laborious.



Being A Wonder.

Being a wonder anyway

has its own flaws in the way

the entire looks beautiful

characteristics as such wonderful

the details  vary a little

the structure is brittle

yet it is a wonder anyway

the flaws disappear  on the way.



Heat Beyond.

My clothes stick

soaked they are in  sweat

an uneasy feel.


Throat stuck out

thirsty and desolate in all

an uneasy feel.


Eyes shed tears

irritated and red in all

an uneasy feel.


Skin becomes dry

withered and cracked in all

an uneasy feel.


Mind is dull

dizzy and desperate in all

an uneasy feel.