Not having seen my own country

wish to travel the world

having seen the major countries

have in my list London

that could be done shortly

my wait is to go to Varanasi

where every Hindu has to go

before he or she dies.

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Heard and Felt.

A cry heard

could be from a herd

never to be deferred.


An ache felt

could be from the  belt

always to be dealt.


An illness might be

due to a fall as be

unmanageable indeed.




A Long Road.

It is a long road

winding and steep

away from the main

secluded and broad.


None prefers to go through

being far and away

the road being  different

aloof and undulating in true.


The road less traversed

lies unused for long

a day comes to the play

when it tops up the cross.


The lonely road is full of buzz

vehicles go up and down

incessant in  their  plight

has become a famed one in a plus.


Being the  path of life as seen

the one which lies low

suddenly rises up to prominence

that be the  choice in a deem.










The Task

The remains of anything

the reminiscent of anything

the retrospection  of anything

the regurgitation of anything

the resurgence of anything

the renovation of anything

the rehabilitation of anything

the rejuvenation of anything

could be a task  not simple

modification not  easy

a hard one being laborious

being done in a manner religious

a discipline in a purview

needs a skill and a mind

as broad as a canvas

willing to hold any views

an expression of boldness

great and tall in a call.





The Fusion

hqdefault (2)The fusion as it is

the combination of two

an amalgamation of much more

could be a bliss all the more.


The fusion of music

instrumental one

the flute, violin, and veena

a musical delight  in real.


The flute in high octaves

the violin, a medium  note

veena plays  the base

the union extends  a melody.


The  fine tunes that arise

fuse together seamlessly

the notes blend beautifully

we hear a music divine.


Nothing is out of tempo

everything under control

being one of a great  combination

commands a lovely deliverance.


The three-hour recital as such

held the audience spellbound

pin drop silence marked the event

followed by a standing ovation.