Poetry thoughts

A Fallacy

It is a fallacy all the more

 has to be removed

 could be one of the four.


The first one being a shortcut

 the way to earn money

 abusing the normal cult.

The second being a superstition

 the myth of auspicious omens

disproportionate to the  institutions

The third one of a doctrine

 being  one of an  undue struggle

a misbehaviour of any discipline

The last  one being a rumour

 a circulation of unwanted gossip

 a similar effect of a tumour.

Let us shed all these fallacies

 take up the deeds as they confront

 not  involving into the intricacies.


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Poetry thoughts

Benevolence As Seen

It is a blessing

could I say

it is mercy

could I call

it is a power

could I conclude

it is what

I do not know


it is beyond

it is behind

it is all over

being a presence

one of omnipotence

one of omniscience

one of benevolence.




Poetry thoughts

The Consonance.

Frozen like snow

she looked though

the weather being hot.


Hard as iron

she seemed to be

the  structure being fragile.


Ferocious as a lion

she  appeared to be the

the countenance felt that way


Crafty as a fox

she held herself to be

deceptive of her real self.


Could these semblance

take the cue in a resonance

being in great consonance.







Poetry thoughts

Being in Such a Way.

Being in two minds

is of a precarious kind

being not fully  here

being not wholly there.


Being in different thoughts

is in a range being caught

being not acceptable as such

being not bothered as much


Being  in a place of support

could lead to a purport

being  not always independent

being not always reliant.


Being in such a way

would usher in a pay

being confident and gay

being strong would stay.