Pacify I Do.

I do pacify  at times

talk to the one first

the other another time

being peace all times.


It is not an easy one

the one gets upset

the other raises the tone

I bring peace at every zone.


I am blamed always

as having taken sides

I think of many ways

finally, make peace in every case.


It is not I wish to pacify

I am pushed to occupy

I take it as a challenge never fly

I resume peace at every buy.


That way I spend my free time

I have many in my hand

wish not for any talks all the time

anyhow, I ensure peace every time .












Poetry thoughts

Submission Rules

The rules for submissions

do rarely promote writing

stifles the creative inclination

anyway, they are restrictions.


The best way to write as often

could be a free flow of thought

of course, with a  minute attention

to content,grammar, and punctuations.


Many go past these rules in one form

more or less they do not heed the periods

otherwise, most writings  are within norms

though not as excellent as psalms .


Could be said of submission rules in general

as many famed writers came not under rule general

they wrote so beautifully  on all,  in general

a way to learn as how to in way general.





Nice To Know.

Nice to know

that what had  been predicted

has  come true.


Nice to know

the harm he had inflicted

now affects him


Nice to know

the  excruciating pain he caused

now circles him.



The Coin is Tossed

The coin being tossed

head or tails in a shot

either one would fall

well, that is everyone’s call.


The coin plays a role

keeps all in a fold

not only  while tossing

also in the  crossing.


Heads would bring joy

the tail is less joy

a belief from  the time long

not to dissipate it  in this song.


Up go the coin in a fly

all eyes go with it in the try

comes down with the same speed

as every eye turns to it in greed.


Hooray ! cries the voice in jubilation

as head strikes down  with no intention

Alas! goes the voices in a groan

as it  eyes the tails land down.


Lot more and lot less go with it

matches and catches are with it

let us also go with the practice

no harm is found in this tactics.