I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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The Definition

The meaning of what you say

the professed one  in a find

the implied one in a  kind

could be a definition n a way.


The precise one be an indicative

the elaborate being a summary

the in between forms the corollary

altogether they make it imperative.


That being a strike past the goal

being a straight hit to the point

where there could be many joints

turn into a gradual flow into the bowl.


Just might be called a definition

which talks with a style

almost covers up the entire tile

a stroke  sharp not though a narration.






The Blow Of Wind —- In Phases.

The blow of wind

gushes through

one of its kind

never be true .


The blow of wind

strikes through

one of its  place

never be true.


The blow of wind

enfolds you through

one of its  race

never be true.


The blow of wind

raises you afloat  through

one of its trace

never be true


The blow of wind

raises you to a trance through

one of its excess

never be true.wind blowing






Great Be The Time.

Great be the time

loud be the chime

keep on the mime

have to earn a dime

with your rhymes

that be the prime

put you in the light lime .




Moderate Your Wishes

Moderate your wishes in the go

desires come and go

the ability you should know

a little over and above  in the flow

could lead to struggle with a blow

a careful way to get through

a nice way to go into

could be a delight all the more

would take you safely to the shore.