Poetry thoughts

The Good Old Days.

A lady of yesterday

dignified and stately

a lady of today

casual and smart

be a lot of difference

a distinct decorum

seen in the  yesteryears

a let go attitude

found in the recent

attribute it  to the time

be that of the years

more so of the generation

a wide mouthed chasm

penetrates through the prism

Do you  hear a sigh near

could it be afar

nay very much from me

mumbling to myselfyesteryearsrecent

Oh! the good old days.



Poetry thoughts

Climatic Violence.

Could hear the thunder

it is going to be a wonder

the clouds gather so quick

would it rain in a tick?

wait and wait for hours

what has happened to nature’s power?

stands it bereft of all strength

weak and frail to the tenth

the thunder slowly wanes into silence

rains retreat leaving a climatic violence.climate







Poetry thoughts

Being A Solitary Reaper.

The day flees fast

tied up in calls

one after another

in cohesive turns

managed the daily chores

with those in force

forget what I talk

to the one and to the other

hope I did not mix up

the way around in toll

completed the dialogues

a little ahead of the schedule

back to my normal routine

a revert to the original

being myself to myself

a “solitary reaper”  of Wordsworth

once and for all in worth.