Amend Your Ways.

It is a tussle

would soon fizzle

viewed as a hassle

thought to be a riddle

would end up if bridled

for a while  with the fiddle

play a soft note in detail

forget the  fight and the entrail

go to sleep in  peaceful style

an end to the fight in all.



A Street Car

A street car named desire

could rout any of a liar

even in situations dire

wherever it be even in a shire

as it spirals up the entire

leaves nothing in the near

that be its power rather queer

would  bring a fall in a fear.






The Sounds in variance.

It is a sound

pop it goes

a breaking sound.


It is a sound

drop it falls

a falling sound.


It is a sound

flare it rises

a rising sound.


It is a sound

bang it strikes

a striking sound.


It is a sound

thunderous it erupts

an erupting sound.


It is a sound

the burst of a balloon

a bursting sound.


Sounds do vary

up and low

decibels high and low.


A  sound as it seems

ordinary and extraordinary

being in range with the  context.


A sound as I hear

melodious and distraught

depends on  nature.


Rhythm and cadence

comply with harmony

never with.  unruly