Poetry thoughts

Eyes Do Much Harm

The eyes of a man

being filled with envy

looks not safe.


The eyes of another

full of venom

poses a danger.


Their eyes  crave

one stands in front

the other behind.


The apparent strikes

a risky  one

deem it to be in front.


The virtual kindles

a fiery one

consider  it to be in the back.


Being in the middle

you become the target

a throw and a hard hit .


Better stay away

as they say

eyes release horror.


Better not come in between

as a way of security

run away from them in speed .


That be a remedy

could be a strategy

nay above all a reward.









The Pista —Hard Nut To crack — Idiomatic.

Have a pista in hand

small one as you know

being the last in a row

I got hold of the hard strand.


Tried to break it with force

tried with a blow  strong

remained unperturbed in a coarse

with a hammer struck it strong.


The nut looked the same

I did not want to give up easily

as I had been never tame

one final strike up came out the pista.


Looks  like an adventure

being a hard nut to crack

size is not a matter  in a venture

invincibility being the one to be tracked.pista








A Great Start.

Being an auspicious day

the morning saw an event

inimitable in its own way

a very sober and modest one

a precursor to the upcoming

approaching fast in the zone

a celestial festival in the  offing

draws a crowd of thousands

attribute to a growing gathering

bringing a revenue to the temple

more so to the town council

being very lucrative in hundred thousands

a going great and marvelous all the more

a reverberation with an exciting sound.