Poetry thoughts


A wedding ring

shines with a  bright gleam

reflects the life to be.


A wedding quiet

all done in a sober

illustrates the solemnity.


A wedding altogether

a union of two hearts

an amalgamation  serene.


A wedding in itself

rests not on the  wedding bells

a thrust on love.






Away in Mind and Spirit.

I lose track of the incidents

what happens I do not know?

much takes place without my knowledge


I am in  the dark  most times

not aware of the recent developments

much takes place in my absence.


I am being left out  as often

not abreast of the details in full

kept away from the  progress.


I am away from the rest

both in mind and in the body

absolutely  distanced  from the show.


Could that be  a bane or a boon?

I really do not know as such

I am away in body and in spirit as much.


I make a repeat intentionally

as of being away all the more

am in peace all through .






The Indian Household

The rice boiling

the vegetables steaming

the  broth simmering

the clock chiming

the school bus honking

the child bathing

the mother running

the father reading

the Indian household

in the morning

a chaos for the female

a peace for the male Indian household

Poetry thoughts


Gradually it grows

not so fast in a way

not so high and tall

stages be its call.


Gradually it flows

not in a rush in a way

not so strong and  high

stages in tries.


Gradually it learns

not in a quick  way

not so brilliant in part

stages in  a sort.


Slow and steady wins the race

goes the maxim in a trace

the process being regular in all

the registration be better in call.