Honesty as a Rule.

Man is driven by necessity

most times he walks with head high

behaves imperious unnecessarily

a  show off that he is invincible  in tries .


As  always times change for him for bad

he who saw  roses all the days

would undergo  an eventuality that make him sad

he would be on the run afraid of a chase.


Driven by loss and wants he turns to the reality

had been unmindful  of others all through

an extravagant transaction had brought the fall definitely

been  saddled by liabilities  becomes insolvent  in truth.


Not  being a story or tale nor a history in the run

being an one of recent  that happened a day before

security is mortal’s chiefest enemy  an idiom not of fun

practis27475-Honesty-e honesty  as a rule therefore.











Characterization – A skill

The characters we find around

being real people in the surround

the  insights into them in detail

brings out their plus and minus in trail

the one over the other jumps  now and then

the good shows up in not more than tens

the bad  throttles through the way

a rhetorical expressionism in the sway

as always the great keep their silence

the bad creates a din with an irreverence

portrayal of the great needs not more than a skill

that of the villains demands the best of the skill

being bad requires a lot of tact and knack

a manipulation and a scheme all through  in stock

the good stay on as always angelic and demur

unperturbed by antagonism and rumour

so goes the characterization  with a focus

it would not be able to consider anything porous.






Poetry thoughts

Another Day More.

Another day more

with the sun rise

and a sun set

work and sleep

intervened by happenings

could make you happy

would make yo unhappy

the day that was

the day that is

the day that would  be

look more or less alike

but for the age

of you and of me

increases with a mark

a sag and a wrinkle

greying and a wobbling

as you walk towards the destination.