A Puritan He Thinks.

A comment  right into the vein

sharp and incisive in a strain

pierces the heart and goes beyond

comes then assuage all in the  round

never could reconcile in the same

nor could  accept it without a blame

yet he speaks like a puritan in general

in truth, he is a cynic of a way in plural.




Poetry thoughts

Tumult Not a Fear.

The thunder is in full swing

the rain has taken its wings

the tumult is  not a fear anymore

being a pleasure  all the more

the breeze blows gently

moist laden in plenty

a beautiful experience

after a day of a penance

one  of unbearable heat

enough to beat

even a strong lad

it seemed very bad

as of now the rains

pour in a voluminous  strain

blessed be the people around

cheer being seen in the surround.kaboom



A Lily

It is a lily

white and lovely

pretty and dainty

dangles in the sun

causes a lot of fun

enjoyable to look at

a pleasure to watch at

a  flower not very catchy

expresses a nature gritty

being solemn and  pure all through

as white stands for all that is true.rain-lily-128108132-resized