Toys for genre

boys and girls do wonder

altogether in asunder


New in kin

the latest one of “Shopkins”

being a figurine.


Being an inch

both of height and width

with a face .


Bright in colours

candy bar,apple and cookies

topics being grocery.


Rave among girls

could make many a tale

shopkins.jpg a money spinner.








The Fruit Inside Craves.

The skin of a fruit is lush

looks beautiful when fresh

the skin turns a sag

seems awkward in tag

yet the fruit inside craves.


Easy to peel a trousseau  crinkled

the loose ends that hold the wrinkles

fall out as the snow flakes

none would wish to go in for a take

yet the fruit inside craves


The fresh one has a robe tight

gives a nice opposition in fight

hard to peel them

any one would hold it as a gem

yet the fruit inside craves.


That be the plunge in  all

be it a fruit or any in a call

the wealth, the power and  the glitch

would  deliberately demand a pitch

yet the fruit inside craves.


It  could be seen in a  semblance

the one out for deliverance

would be an one of the infinite

could be nothing of the definite

as the truth inside










Being A Gift

Being a gift

small  it be

inexpensive it is

carries more value

very dear to the heart.


The thought behind

the love it holds

opposed to the monetary

being not genuine

comprises a glitter.


Great  be it all the more

away from the heart

estranged from the truth

exposes a vanity  in stretch

a token of power and wealth.


The little presentation

tiny in stature

lives all throughout

retained in the memory

a direction from Godliness





The Created Furore

The furore  created  the day after

the pandemonium could have been softer

a hue and a cry for nothing at all

the magnitude was greater in call.


The celebration got over in a manner sober

the gathering dispersed pleased in all rather

the  ones who had been all throughout the day

came with an indirect criticism  in ways.


A straight hit at the face would have been better

the back biting comes from an expected quarter

the issues insignificant rose up high  and dry

bereft of the basic courtesy in a buy and a try.


There are a few who let not sleep in peace

they being one who break the harmony into pieces

an intrusion and a disruption they create

a defiance  and a surveillance in the  plate.