Poetry thoughts

The Change And Strange.

A lively change

could be in a range

greatly  not estranged.


That being strange

could cause not an arrange

greatly a derange .







Jaspal Calls.

Jaspal never keeps time

he milk listens to chimes

not of the hourly clock

but of the human flock.


His mobile phone has a song

Hindi one as the tune nothing wrong

comes with my milk from afar

a place called Bidor not in his car.


He motors through in his bike

a milk can tied in a strike

glides through my lane  so late

makes me wait near the gate.


It so happens and happened many a time

if not wrong in scores  of times

I would walk in tired of waiting  throughout

a bonanza for the monkeys out  and out.


The day before I opened my door

lo! saw the big old monkey on the floor

had my milk  tied in a packet  in hand

had removed partially the rubber band.


It was sipping the milk through the opening small

I tried to drive him off  with a cane not small

it made faces and sat there unperturbed  in ease

after a time it walked away throwing the milk  in a tease.


That be the fate of my milk on the day before

all my tricks fail in frightening him to the core

my containers serve no purpose in all

every day I have to be on alert when Jaspal calls.









Could be Not Said of Him

Could be not  said of him

a good man once

now a deceit.


Could be not said of him

a man just once

now a sinner.


Could be not said of him

a man pleasant once

now a rude .


Could be not said of him

a man he had been once

now not one.



Poetry thoughts

Waves in a Flow–Symbolic

The waves  rise up

strike the banks atop

with a force  unknown.


The waves bow down

retreat with not a frown

with a force unknown.


They go forward and backward

almost not towards

with a force unknown.


They do not lie dormant

even for a moment

being a force unknown.


Once they flow with an ease

one of a resigned  please

being a force unknown.


Else they flow with a tense

one of great violence

being a force unknown.


That be their nature known

unpredictable in tone

being a force unknown.


Waves do symbolically refer life

with fortunes and mishaps in strife

being one of unknown,waves