Nice to be

Nice to have been away

nice to be in a place far away

nice to be unknown all the day

nice to be innocuous  in the days.


Like to be unnoticed all the more

like to be alone more and more

like not to be in a crowd  anymore

like not to gossip anymore.


Having been in a place for few years

makes one familiar in the years

wish to shift to another in the near

a way to escape the multitude in sheer.


Live like a nomad prompts my heart

well, that could be the love of my heart

would it be possible I wonder in short

why not make it work in a shot?


An experience of that kind I desire

not fastened by love and likes and fear

would it see the daylight in an entire

if not make it happen  at least this year.









The Road Engine

The road engine across the road

goes up and down in a stroll

making a gritty noise all the while so

a slow movement, not in style

has been going on for  two days

an uneasy feeling sets in ways

be it for the good in a civic sense

could be a pollutant in a dense

it goes on with its work all the same

could not put the engine to shame

good roads  being a necessity to all

wish not  to complain its performance.road engine







He Turns Words.

He turns words

twists and twines

stretches and strains

that be his world


He turns words

interprets as he wants

teases and taunts

that be his world.


He turns words

slander and libel

creates he in liberal

that be his world.


He turns words

rushes to court of law

rams into with a flaw

that be his world.


He turns words

causes a stir all through

chaotic it becomes in true

that be his world.


He turns words

quarrels and fights

emanate on all sides

that be his world.


He turns words

bloodshed and death

loom large in breadth

that be his world.


He is not a wordsmith

he is a  blacksmith

not literally but metaphorically

a destroyer  incidentally.