Poetry thoughts

The Finality in All.

There be a stop

an end to all

could be done in a hop

would arrest a fall


More and most

could  be  degrees

keep them in the coast

not accept them with please.


The finality be brought

be there a limitation

nothing could be bought

not any in a compulsion.


The conclusion comes  gradually

settle the scores  as fast

wait for the destination formally

the end of the day has been cast.


There be no formality

go about with ease

never with any rivalry

nor with any tease.


Wish the end to be peaceful

turmoil and turbulence eschewed

would not that  be wonderful?

as you find yourself diffused.











Poetry thoughts


Fevers are so many in a row

viral being the most common

an ailment in a degree low

a reaction to infection in a summon.


Fevers of the mind are variant in a flow

examination calls for a fever too high

many suffer with a burning in a glow

a cause impossible to ascertain  in any buy.


Another category crosses my mind now

being the one of milk fever  of times

the nursing mothers experience in a blow

too much of a strain during the specific time.


Being said of the  illness prevalent  everywhere

there be many hidden and unforeseen  versions

feverishness  calls for a startling glare

being unknown they be real or feigned   creation