The Sun Never Sets.

The sun never sets

nor it throws sun-of-jamaica-910070_960_720 a bet

remains unchallenged always

retains its invincibility in every way.


The sun shines all through

more with a vigour all through

rests, not a time

waits not for any chimes.


The constant force of energy

leads to a solar synergy

a giver of light and life

never falls short of at any strife.


Millions of years it has been

shining  with a gleaming sheen

a wonderful star in the sky

a powerful one in the fry.


Many songs be there of the Sun

being a stock of sober and fun

yet it holds its torch above all

an essence of vivacity in all.








A Place Unknown

Had been to a place

unknown and unseen

being on of a remote

has its own strengths .


Away from the din

much far from the human

looks beautiful and untouched

pristine and pure.


The stream flows without a murmur

a gentle sail across without any hurdle

a lovely ride it proved to be

peaceful and quiet.


The grass around shines and gleams

not one has tread in recent

a brisk  walk to the other end

refreshes  and rejuvenates.


The trees appear majestic

their branches in a canopy

a sit under their shade

enhances and endears.


All the way it is sublime

the walk , the sight, and the rest

all being an experience of thrill

ecstatic and enlivens











Poetry thoughts

Like a Sheep

The woods are dark and deep

remain aloof from the whirl

not a sound nor a beep

could be heard in the twirl.


The darkness and stillness

send an awe down the spine

could be a cause of denseness

they signal a caution in the line.


The random roar  of the lion

the far away chatter of the monkeys

the tweets of birds in the line

added by the bray of donkeys.


These tweets and touts  as heard

fall shallow into the wilderness

cross, not the boundaries in a nerd

seem to be insignificant in the  quietness.


The woods are dark and deep

as there are nothing to reap

being hard for one to peep

lies as quiet as a sheep.