The Jealous Hue.

Jealousy professes colour

high up with the collar

the tinge of the colour

a bright and a light stellar

one with the sunlight

as scorching and bright

a mild hue in the initial

turns darkest in the final

reflects an animosity in large

refracts a dislike on the verge

the colour being one of yellow

does not freely  in an allow

expresses the concern if at all

the consideration being one of  a fall

a wish of bitterness and sourness

nothing at all of sweetness.






One at a Time.

One at a time

called the teacher

none  did listen

went on in a chorus.


One at a time

called the  teacher again

none paid attention

being  a boisterous  lot.


One at a time

called the teacher finally

a  missed call however

none did obey her.


So are the teachers looked upon

shout they as much as they can

not be effective  in the round

create not a stir among their ward.








Poetry thoughts

My Knowledge

The knowledge I have in all

seems very basic  in any call

be it in writing or any other

accounting for instance  rather

puts me in a fix all through

I break my head in true

burn the midnight oil

my whole day is in spoil

yet I work and work

redo and rework

all too much in the mind

I lose myself in a kind

dazed and diminished I am