One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

Shirts as gifts

not to one but to all

not one in the  number

be it two, three,

four and five.


Primarily  to the grandfather

secondary  to the son in law

finally to the three

grandsons in all

the digits tally.


The gifts are takeaways

nay grab away

the old man so active ‘

not in others

but in this most.


Saw the incident

was an amusement

to a degree

more so of  a desire

to the larger extent.


One, two, three

four and five

goes in order

blessed be the grandpa

not wanting for his wife










The Financial Legacy.

A serious part of the pledge

being a deviation from its  hedge

one and one against  as seen

well, have to be keen

otherwise, would land in trouble

a slight slip would emanate a bubble

away from the proclaimed path  as found

a turn from the ascertained is not sound

the push is towards the  breakaway

a context out of the usual stay

that is going to happen not in a sudden

as it lies on being an undue burden

the distraction part is to share the onus

being a financial legacy as known

the money lies in the common pool

a trial to make the other a fool.











Memory And Forgetfulness

Nice to remember

nicer to forget

nice to have a memory

strong and valid

nicer to walk with a memory loss

beautiful and  happy.


Remembering  with a precision

be it in science and mathematics

need details to the minute

forgetting with a decision

be it in humanities and life

require  imagination to cope.


Memory being a qualitative feature

with the turn and a stroke

ever strict and into  a discipline

forgetfulness being a quantitative character

with the rush and a hush

ever flexible and into an attribution.


Could be much more claims and acclaims

for memory  on a  functional  strain

one of a meticulous  ensign

would be there of so much  reign

for forgetfulness on a regular  claim

one of a haphazard  deign.












A Materialistic Dance

A fret and a sweat

could be a  serious bet

yet it is  there always

till man pursues his chase


The thought of money

would jeopardise any

yet the drive is there always

till man pursues his chase.


The feel of envy  as all

leads to jaundice  in the call

yet  jealousy overwhelms always

till man pursues his chase.


The restless mind leaves nothing

being gnawed by each and everything

yet the fever mounts up as always

till man pursues his chase.


Contentment is the King   with a glow

those thick in the involvements do not know

if satisfaction prevails in an expanse

man would not succumb to materialistic   dance