He is a Sinner.

He is none other than a sinner

thinks himself to be a winner

knows no fundamentals  in all

be it in language or accounting  in call

speaks with a drawl and a break

it would turn out to be a real  ache

listening to his  quixotic diction

ridiculous and strange are his pronunciations

he feels on the top of the world all times

never knows how many times the clock chimes.




A Well-Written Article.

A well-written article

has  the construction critical

one of content in the slot

punctuations  to the dot

tenses appropriate  to times

paragraphic breaks  as well .


The flow of thought be uninterrupted

the matter  just natural without being solicited

the commas and  periods  fall in places

the present, past, and future  in resultant phases

could claim to be a writing  of excellence

not everyone  could aspire for such reverence.





The Row.

The calls and falls

the between and across

the begin and the end

the arrival and departure

the  events of the life

come and go often

not in order  as happen

mostly at random

experience them on the go

see to it you face no row.