Great Be The Time.

Great be the time

loud be the chime

keep on the mime

have to earn a dime

with your rhymes

that be the prime

put you in the light lime .



perception Poetry

Dime Becomes A Billion

An error in the balance

a missing dime in the cash

causes a tremor in relevance

leads to a tussle in a rash

wonder, what for this anger?

for a dime, for a dime

I smile wryly and murmur

true the dime becomes a billion

it is all in the perception



The Toddler.


Wanting to see  better
went up the ladder
saw a toddler
wheeled in a stroller
who was  looking all around with joy
playing with the toy
smiling along in coy
he being a boy.

The passers-by look at him
he being called kim
appearing very trim
apparently very slim
it being a light dim
the ambience was grim
yet his cheer was to the brim
making us look twice at him.



Hypocrisy In Him

Hypocritical he be
in a way to see
praising sky-high
in your front
calling you demi god
so and so forth
all for a dime.

Dime not given
he talks ill
about you
to each one
saying that
you are a miser
and a traitor
what not and what else.

He goes about
not in words
but in actions too
making life
miserable to all
in the end
deplorabe to him toohypocrite

Actions analogue Experience feelings Melody

Music be Thy food.

The music flowed in the air.
It caught me in a snare.
The melody was something rare.
reminiscing of the great musicians in the fair.

Listening to it keenly
I was able to get into it deeply
The nuances were so lovely
that made my heart melt fondly.

I took a stroll out into the avenue
The music flowed out from a venue
where a flautist was playing for revenue
With a heavy heart dropped a dime bidding him adieu.

Actions fatigue thoughts True

Tiresome Exertion

Fatigue overtakes one at a time,

Exhaustion dissolves all in a mime,

Dissolution dissipates every cheer to a dime,

Pulling  the mind away from the prime.