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An Applaud For Hands

Prodding over the uses of hand

I was taken aback in a stand

myriads be the uses like a wand

with eating  starts the work

follows the writing in task

adding to the embracing

when in extreme love

also to prayinga usage of  beating

when in  unbeatable anger

with an indicative pointer

going on to pinpoint aberration

goes the much used hand

for whatever  deployment

be it cleaning  or mopping

be it to applaud  or deplore

so many be the potential play

that the hand does in all

that without  them

man would have to go

helpless and defective.

handicapped and challenged

doing nothing innovative

for that matter anything proper.









Hypocrisy In Him

Hypocritical he be
in a way to see
praising sky-high
in your front
calling you demi god
so and so forth
all for a dime.

Dime not given
he talks ill
about you
to each one
saying that
you are a miser
and a traitor
what not and what else.

He goes about
not in words
but in actions too
making life
miserable to all
in the end
deplorabe to him toohypocrite