I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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Calling A Bankrupt.

Once going bankrupt was a deficiency.
today that which indicates great efficiency
of all trades and systems is bankruptcy
Men going insolvent in yester years
called for shame and derogation
even inciting a suicidal reflection
Insolvency these days or recently
devolve notoriety with no big infliction
as men go about in smile and cheer
with the stamp of insolvency coming bankruptcy back
crossing over the bridge that is very near
by resorting to means of deceit without slack
and getting emboldened by legal loopholes
that help them clear the thunderbolts
with a fraud and manipulation in the hole
releasing them from the barred bolts
with an ease and comfort never before heard or told.