Arumugam As He Be Called.

px3d15 (1)A beautiful song I  had heard

not  into any norms

be it a couplet, sonnet,

lyric or the modern Haiku

it is a song simple and sweet

melodious and lovely

as it came  from the soul

deep from the heart

composed by a naive man

” Arumugam” as he be called

a dark lanky figure

with  grey unkempt hair

knew not to read or write

yet spoke with worldly wisdom

named his daughter  “Peace”

being born on the day

the  second world war ended

called his grandson “Hot Water”

as he was drinking hot water

at the time the child was born

worked in my mother’s place for long

fond of all of us we being six

used to sing a song on the Pongal Day

a simple translation of his

” let the pot boil, boil

let the milk boil, boil

so does my master’s

wealth rise up and up

and his children grow

up and up”

singing he would throw me

up in the air  with a laughter

wishing me to rise up to the sky

a genial man dead and gone

his voice echoes from the nether world

every year  on the day of Pongal.






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