ambush condonation plot Poetry snare trap witchcraft

A Succumb.

hqdefault (1)A snare it is

stealthily laid to entrap

an ambush could it be

discreetly set to pull in

a plot  might be

heinously  hatched  to silence

a witchcraft would it be

wagging the wand to destroy

well, the mind thinks of multitudes

fear be the reason behind

so long had been defiant

recently succumbs to the external

requires a condonation

insists on an attention

a  turn away from these manipulations

would benefit to  a progress.

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Any Cause For Hurt

Falling down causes a hurt,

Skidding leads to a hurt,

Seeing daggers imposes a hurt,

Speaking sharp proposes a hurt,

Attitude indifferent brings out a hurt,

Physical wound is a tolerable hurt,

Abstract outrage is an unbearable hurt.


As accidents are causes for hurts,

Evil  breaks up  lot of hurts,

The body staggers with a hurt,

It loses its power along with a hurt,

The mind succumbs to the hurt,

It desperately slides down with the hurt,

This is the most diabolical of all hurts.