The Divergence – Jealousy

It was an act of jealous mind
where nothing could reason out
only jealousy was brewing in
getting over the rational.

The thought of getting more is competitive
but he belief of getting more
does not call for an understanding
creditable tracking Clandestine - Christian Vium - 2011 Anthropographia Award winner by reference.

The spirit of competition is to win
having lost it is no fault
but trying to win next time
emboldens the spirit truly genuine.

That being the case always
fuming with venom across
fretting with anger all over
seem to be an indecent affair all through.

Seething through other’s success
scanning their methods of triumph
prompts an unhealthy derogation
failing to ensue a victory.

With the spirit getting exhausted
the planning ceases to an abrupt end
bringing in a turmoil and clandestine
junction wherein all roads diverge.

Confluence Experience Pride thoughts turmoil

Calling it Off

The Confluence in Malaysia diverges in incoherence,

The Family meet 2011 deems a fundamental reference, .
We were carried away by enthusiastic indulgence,
Landing us on a plane of irreconcilable inference,
We ,the hosts ,move ahead with a sense of imminence,
Signalling a call off to regain our pride and preference.

Anyhow, honorable Karumuttus,

To those who have responded,
We express our remorse  defended,
To those who have calls scheduled,
We wish them success alluded,.
To those who have travels precluded ,
We wish them pleasure and Reunion colluded.