A Great Game in a Lovely Course.

With the house facing the golf course
I have a nice time watching the play with nil force
The ball being pushed forth into the hole
and the golfer walking all through the whole
with the picker boy behind with a golf kit sole
The morning begins with the golf court getting ready
and the golfers come one by one in a steady
smart and sleek with the penchant for walking
as golf needs a lot of walk and lot of aim.
A game of no noise with little audience in place
it went on in a quiet stride and in slow space.
except for a few applause and comments.
The golf course opposite is one of the beautiful
located the precincts of the Gymkhana club Coonoor.
The house little high up the golf course lovely
served as a vantage point to view the matches daily
With a cup of crispy potato wafers sat on the porch
overseeing the matches in progress till lunch
It was a pastime,a fun and a learning
all in one put together in a mix
as it was great to see them play with skill
wellington-gymkhana-club happy to view the game from above
and it also gave an impressive teach on precision
as golf is a play of to the point and to the hole