The Orange Juice.

The juice of an orange

keeps us in a range

allowing our system to arrange

extending a lovely change

the complexion enhancing  in stages

the thoughts enriching in  pages

the memory doubled in no time

the body kept fine at  all times

refreshing and rebounding  in no time

be the magical effect of the orange juice at all juice.





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A Parade

It was a march anyhow,

Not an army trot anyhow,

Nor a fashion show anyhow,

Very much different somehow.


The eager wait  prolongs,

Honourable guests are not seen along,

Punctuality is tripped so long,

Confining the crowd not to drift along.


The eyes rove over,

Nothing glamorous appears all over,

Not able to view beauties from world over, 

It was patience made over.


Towards the right two jump across,

On the left a group of five cross,

In the middle little ones toss,

Depicting a lively display in  a gloss.



They have a coat of black,

A broad white  stripe in the pack,

Snorting with a peculiar quack,

They march ahead in a merry track.


The parade is not orderly,

The dainty gait looks lovely,

The non rhythmic steps are funny slightly,

Yet they captivate us  wholly.


The blue waters flow to the shore,

The orange Sun goes down into the floor,

Black lights up the sky in a quiet  score,

The little dark Penguins  gather in store.


Up they ascend in a hurry,

Hastening to see the babes in a flurry,

Peeping into their habitats with worry, 

They flock reverse in an undue hurry.


It is a parade with a difference anyhow,

It happens every  night almost anyhow,

It undergoes no rehearsals anyhow,

Yet it is a delightful Parade somehow