The Stray.

Losing temper is a normal human strimages (33)ay.
Throwing tantrums s a little over the way.
Striking and hitting with force is an extreme play.
Where do these anomalies arise in the lay?

Deliberating on these vehemence deeply.
It is a must to know the antecedents exactly.
Circumstances would lead to anger directly
But over the mark is a crime eventually.

Tracing this quality to the family at large
Being the usual practice of all in n enlarge
The study would point out the irregularity in wage
that goes to make the excess of this rage.

A psychological factor has a dominance in this extravagance.
The mind restless becomes incorrigible acting with an intolerance
Mightily leading to a disorientation and a madness
constituting an overwhelming act of vehemence.

Actions Anger Interpretation psychology thoughts turmoil

A Slit, A Stab, A Murder.

It is, a shock,a terrible shock.

It is ,a revelation,a shocking revelation,

It is, but a truth, a revealing truth,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


Coming out of it was a nightmare, a terrific one 

It is a rude  strike, an unnerving one,

It is an unbelievable episode, a stifling one,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


What is  it so alarming?

It is a murder, gruesome murder,

A teacher was stabbed by a her ward,

He is a fierce and young  boy of fourteen.


The teacher was alone in her class, all alone,

The boy dashed in like a storm,

Slit her throat and butchered her,

She fell down in a pool of blood screaming .


The  cause for such provocation is a warning,

The irregularity and inefficiency  of the  boy was  condemned,

It is but the duty of the teacher to do so,

The infuriating rashness has cost a precious life. 


The post of a teacher has become  a mockery,

Her family is now destined to suffer,

A momentous fury has brought death,

It is difficult,to comprehend, really difficult.