The Stray.

Losing temper is a normal human strimages (33)ay.
Throwing tantrums s a little over the way.
Striking and hitting with force is an extreme play.
Where do these anomalies arise in the lay?

Deliberating on these vehemence deeply.
It is a must to know the antecedents exactly.
Circumstances would lead to anger directly
But over the mark is a crime eventually.

Tracing this quality to the family at large
Being the usual practice of all in n enlarge
The study would point out the irregularity in wage
that goes to make the excess of this rage.

A psychological factor has a dominance in this extravagance.
The mind restless becomes incorrigible acting with an intolerance
Mightily leading to a disorientation and a madness
constituting an overwhelming act of vehemence.

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Bearing The Cross

Bearing the cross is Lina’s destiny.

The causes for the happening might be many.

The fault might emanate from so many.

The significant indicator pointed to Lina if not to any.


There was an uproar over a mishap.

Lina went there by chance in the crucial lap.

She stood mutely watching the crap.

Quick as a wink she fell into the trap.


The main opposition vanished in a second.

The other party was delirious for more than a second.

 Their eyes caught hold of Lina in a fraction of a second.

Accusations overflowed in a spate  within a second.


Lina did not understand a thing about it.

Yet she had to face the brunt without knowing it.

She did stand the vehemence with a brave outfit.

She said “I am no way responsible for it”


This might be something not of importance.

Lina is not the only catching up with the reference

Lina represents the many who are punished for other’s offence.

The likes of Lina  have to bear the cross in defense.