The Distribution

Eating the cream
leaving the crust
has been his way.

Eating everything
leaving nothing
has been another’s way.

Eating nothing
not even something
has been yet another’s way.

There goes the equation
with a distribution
rightful or not rightful.

That is the way of life
while one strives
the other sleeps.

That be always
a great delight in ways
nothing to chase 

That be most
a burden utmost
initiating a force.
eating a pie


The Din From Karaikudi

The community is so small

but have claims very tall

with download (31)download (32)food storage  call

it comes out with the  ball

that keep rolling in the fall

saying it with a shout from a hall

it then discards it from the knoll

that being the case in all

the community goes on with its move

distributing things for every  occasions in a prove

while the dishes and vessels keep piling  in a grove

the givers waiting for an opportunity to reciprocate with love

the takers having no  option but to accept  it somehow

the shops make hay over the community’s  show

making huge revenue at one stroke in a row

the idea to give is to be appreciated with a glow

altering it a bit to give it to  not those who have a flow

but to those who really need them should be the motto

Being seen in the areas down South of India in most

residing mainly around Karaikudi at the most

spending huge part of the revenue  in marriages  utmost

otherwise living  below the required levels to full most

this community of Nagarathars  spend extravagantly foremost

ignoring how much they spend  visibly and invisibly on weddings  i most.



Actions Compassion concept Evolution Experience kindness Poem

Kindness is grace.

kindnessA smiling nod is a pleasant recognition.
A loving word is a significant appreciation.
A noble thought is a pensive extension.
A supporting act is a remarkable application.
Going out with all these is a relevant attribution.
These should come out effortlessly on all occasions.
These are not practised but are spontaneous distributions.
Spurting out like a natural phenomenon spurning afflictions
Without any formalities to hold on to them is a rigorous configuration.
The nod rightfully calls for a friendly admiration.
The word strongly insists on a personal communications.
The thought staunchly instills a deserving contribution.
While the act succinctly incorporates a valid construction.
The realm of kindness is vast and contains grace in all its perpetuation.