A Little Humour

images (40)Shoving things into the shelves
putting unwanted ones in the attic
pushing the books back in the book shelves
doing all things in a speed frantic
as the guests would be arriving at any time
went to the kitchen to fetch a lime
squeezed it on the salad
then turned towards the living room
swept it with a big broom
dispelling the cob webs
rushed to browse the web
and checked the emails in a moment
dashed to the toilet to clean it
Having done went to the kitchen
warmed up the delicacies in the run
switched on the rice cooker
Heard the horn on the gate
Lo! having done everything
forgot to keep myself presentable.


On The Verge Of Retirement .

Passing over the fears with great strength
getting over the years in positive growth
the time to get out of the busy schedule
has got into the terms with an include
accepting the age to retire from the routine
and settle in comfort and peace with a liking
while there exists a sense of achievement
and a thought of having served with an attachment
worked so long with diligence and sincerity
having been true to everyone in entity
the time to bid farewell has arrived
and retirement the transition sets in silence.
As every thing has to come to an end
this period of life closes in style
opening a new chapter of rectitude and reticence.


The Phase of Life——Earning.

The world is so large yet small
it has large potential yet not showcased.
With these in mind having been registered firmly
and with the university degree in hand
got into the world of opportunities
seeking an appropriate opening

Hoping to clinch a great deal
and knock on a huge salary
as I had an honours in possession
went through the hunt in excitement
The interviews went on in a positive note
giving me a thought that all would work out well.

As I got into various destinations
exhibiting different challenges
I presented myself with moderation
emphasising my skills in the areas concerned.
Offers came down the line one after another
posing a situation of deciding rightOnline+article+writing+for+money1.

Deliberate did I for certain reasons
considering the promotions and perks
as well as the job culture and satisfaction
hard to find such a job in the go
but had to decide on a career all the more.

Choose did I the most fascinating one
that called for expression and writing skill
as I feel out of all credits i own
writing is the best and most suitable for my temper
Opting for the writing job got into the world of earning
and from that day it is money that speaks though not the words.




In the University- A Grand Finale.

The life in the University was the culmination
All good things happened during that period
scoring high and ranked top among all
the life was really a bed of roses.
with fame and name to adorn

The university was a place of learning
much different from school
Relied on our references and research
The individuality developed in great strides
extending a self-esteem and reliance.

The wit and writing got sharpened
The mind took control over the heart
Wisdom overwhelmed emotions.
releasing a great insight and understanding
where playfulness gave way to seriousness.images (39).

Life in the University was not one of stress
It was the best of all the learning
A creative mind does extremely good in this phase
with lot of study aids in hand and in the library
acquiring knowledge as and when we study for a degree.

Being the wonderful phase in life
this life came to a close in a few years
leaving me in the world of strife
coping up with the nuances with ease and delight.
A life that makes one to wonder and remain awestruck


The School Days,

Growing up with the years
becoming a girl with cheers
life moved on without any tears
getting into school as be the trend
holding mama’s saree end
sitting aloof from the girls
who call me to play
But with a sad face and a sob
I refuse to take them
Few days go by as I stay in the block
with an unfriendly move and restricted talk
Then gradually got into the stream
as days become months
Becoming a popular girl with a beam
with qualities of leadership latent till now
rose to lead the school with a glow
elected as a school pupil leader with great majority
Many unknown faces turned familiar
while extending a warm cordiality to all
resorted to helping them if they met with a fall
both academically and financially without a call
It was a change metamorphic shy unfriendly girl transformed
and reaches the highest level in a space of a decade.Schoolgrads12_andrews_pic
Those days keep ringing in memory now and then
hard to claim them once again.


The Days of Childhood

The days of childhood bring fond memories
Nothing to care all through.
Something to work mostly through,
All things to stare and devour through and through
With the hop and a pop finally a drop
the days went ahead in speed top
Bubbling with enthusiasm the years rolled by.
Eating every other thing hard or soft that came in the way.
Playing a lot outdoors inhaling plenty of fresh air.
Falling down and breaking the leg not once but many a time
Crying and weeping over the fall creating a scene
Fighting with siblings and friends for no reason
Keeping away from them for hours few.
Making peace with them by extending a chocolate
All these small incidents treasured in memory till date
added to the mirth and happiness of those days
which would never come however much we crave.images (38)