Time and Time Again

Time and time again it has been proved
that sun rises in the east
quoth the man to his friend.
The friend knowing not what to say
nodded his head in an approve.

The man did not leave his friend even then.
He went on with his time and time again
saying that the rivers flow towards the sea.
The friend again agreed without any dispute
trying to find a way to get out.

Going on with his time and time again concept
the man came once again with a version
that the sky is high and far away
The friend was unable to bear furthermore
ran head over heels from the man.

The man did not bother about the friend
He went on with his time and time again theme
putting forth another brilliant idea
that the stars come up in the night.
Simages (77)o saying the man went in search of his friend.


Time Flies.

Times go in chimes
with a rhyme
The past being yesterday
becomes the present today
which turns to future tomorrow.
As days run fast
that happened goes past
that is happening will not last
that is going to happen will be cast.
The impermanence thus gets confirmed
In that transit there takes place eventsimages (76) unconfirmed
Delivering emotions of relish and anger considerate
leading to great distractions inconsiderate.


The Future Holds.

That what is going to happen hold us with an anticipation.
We go to Tarot readers with an expectation.
We sit before the Parrot reader waiting for a prediction.
We rush to the astrologer for a detailed resolution
The future holds us with a fear and a bind.
Pushing us towards a thought in the hind
We unlock our dreams that lie in the mind.
The thoughts which cause a break from the line.
We, eager to get over and reach the top slot
go in circles, employ turns and plot.
The success is but minimal with little ingots.
Yet the future makes us live always with a task.
It forces us to odd-future_ned-flander_video live with a mask.


Man of The Past

A man stayed in the past
he never came to the days fast.
he stood there looking aghast
at the skies in a gaze.

To him past proved everything
It kept on ringing.
Memories flow in bringing
thoughts in a singing.

To him past is not a history.
it is not anything hoary.
It tells a story
with interesting anecdotes wholly.

Quotes the prices of yester years.
The present price tag causes a fear.
The events of today make him shed tears.
Oh! He looks like King Lear.
images (75)


Living in The Present.

Not thinking much about future.
Not talking much about any feature.
Not reading anything about the creatures.
Not writing anything about nature
The man works in the present420_live_in_moment_7
doing what he could do to make it decent
His work program is not nascent
It is a lively action very recent.
To him travelling into the past
makes no impact lasting.
He goes on with his duties not aghast
but performs them in time and fast.
Well, that is how he lives in a cast.