Divorce – Haiku.

The fight goes
The man and wife confront.
The child watches.

The fight quickens
The man and wifeteaser-divorce_0 contradict.
The child cries.

The fight ends
The man and wife separate
The Child suffers.


The Separation

Man leaving his wife
and wife leaving her husband
has been in vogue
right through the years.
The mutual separation goes
without much hitch without children
It gets complicated with children.
Questions rise up and stay unfinished
while the children themselves
become a big question.

The children grow under one’s care
Their life goes on smooth in a rare
till the entry of a new partner
This leads to a distinctive urge
A track outside the normal surges.
Adjusting and accommodating to the new life
becomes the key words of the children’s lives.
The Man starts his new life anew
and the wife enters an alliance in a renew.

Fathered by one and tended by another
the child grows up in mother’s care.
Born from a woman and brought up by another
the child builds up as a father’s heir.
The togetherness gets diluted
and the intimacy gets faded.
The child loses its roots blatantly
and till he grows up incidentally
he stands bewildered filled with awe .
This feeling lasts till his lifeimages (97)
with an indelible stamp



Fluctuations are at the door.
One knock tells us of the rise
another bang informs us of the fall.
A small rap hints a little advance.
An impressive tap indicates a huge up trend.
A loud dash throws open the momentum
calling that it has crashed.
which is not merely restricted to stocks
but largely circumvents 1267473429D6ADztlife too.