A Day In Life.

As the day advances there sets in an exhaustion
The freshness diffuses into a dullness
The fatigue results in a let go attitude
winding up the work to a finish full or half done.

With that trepidation one gets home
With the desire to get a refreshment
On days most there he finds the same monotony
making him desperate and disturbed.

The wife also from work gets back home
Physically tired she walks in
Finding the low-spirited husband
falls into desolation and anger.

The evening outside is pleasant and cool
while in the inside fire has set in
as there is exchange of rudeness
and the voices rise in decibel

The husband and wife then retire
while the dinner remains untouched
The next day dawns with a bright sun shining
Off the go to the office with anger lurking.

The life moving thus for years
with no love and pleasure to match
where money takes the priority
while all others move to the back.
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Two Little Birds On A Tree.

Two little birds perched on the tree
squeaking and tweeting all the time
nothing to frighten the to a flee
spent the morn happily with good chimes.

Their happiness continued till the noon
when suddenly a thunder struck with a loud sound
The little birds shivered in fright and swooned
and there was a great downpourtwo-little-birds all around.

Short while after the little ones revived
Shrugging their feathers of the moisture
they still hung close to their hive
looking down at the land below in discomfiture.

To their horror found a monkey climbing over
quivering they tried to fly down with effort
Once they got down they went in a hover
to a nearby tree expecting a good support.

Whether they found themselves secure or not is not our look out?
Wherever we turn the theory of the survival of the fittest is in the run.
Restricting not only man but also birds and animals all in the way out
Power, strength, money and greed play the fixtures taking turns.


The Rustle And The Tussle

There was a rustle out in the garden.
The leaves were falling one by one on the ground
Making little noise while they fell
but creating a mess in the area around

There,at the same time, emanated a tussle in the house
with anger mounting and words coming out in force
Making a huge noise while they descended
while releasing an unpleasantness in the course.

Cleaning up the mess the lady felt exhausted
The garden now had a look bright and cheerful.
The trees had a fresh shoot appearing undaunted
adding to the grandeur of the garden in a way graceful.

Ending up the dual was a feat terrific and straintussle
The confrontation was extracting and impossible.
To square up the whole needed efforts which went vain.
Bringing in a settlement was not easily possible.

The disturbance caused by Nature is manageable
except for a few like Tsunami and quakes
The man-made infringements are most deplorable
as they take time to pass and disappear inimages (23) takes.


The Real Cause.

What is it that is ailing you?
What is it that is hurting you?
You need to have reasons valid
to keeping morose and sordid.
Not knowing the cause
it is not a toss
to find out by guessing
and resolve it by throwing.
The phantoms of the mind do make waves
and create ripples in the behaves
They are but baseless prompts
that inflict an unwanted taunts
It is better to keep away from those
than pay attention in a chose.
Again, it is a plea really serious
Tell me the cause I would give you the clause
for your unhappiness and distractions gross.phantoms


A Feel.

It is a feel
a feel of horror
full of terror
crossing the border.

It is a feel
a feel of fear
from the rear
getting over the shoulder.

it is a feel
a feel of sadness
ending up with a reservedness
inducing a withdrawal

it is a feel
a feel of happiness
extending to oneness
invigorating a togetherness happiness