Her Name is Rose—— Haiku

Rose in complexionimages (22).
She is aptly called Rose
A lovely rose.

Taking a rose
She rose with great dignity
leading to arouse.

As she rose
the gathering also rose forward
with great rouse.


Taking Care

The baby next door was crying aloud
Her mother had gone out
The father was unable to keep her cowed.
She sobbed and whimpered in bouts.

The mother had left her for the first time.
The child was bringing the roof down.
The father did all things he could to pass the time.
But the child remained adamant to the sound.

Unable to cry furthermore the tired child slept .
The father then got relieved and called his wife
fearing the child would get up any time from sleep.
The father was in tears actually waiting for his wife.

Too much crying would be dangerous for the infant.
Too much exertion would turn the child blue.
Taking care of babies is a task very defiant.
yet they have to be nurtured by parents both in twobaby crying.


The Unfortunate.

The little child with unkempt hair
and wearing no shirt to cover his body fair
with only a piece of cloth around her waist
was busy moving round the town with a haste
begging for alms and singing songs to please the passers-by.

His little brother was lying down crying for milk.
The mother, a bag of bones, was sitting looking weak.
The father was not to be seen anywhere
The three of them were looking very pathetic from afar.
It was a sight painful to watch.

The passersby were liberal in their donations.
He thanked them profusely for their inclination.
His collections were enough to keep them going for a day.
He had to go to a place further the next day.
This has been his way of life for some days from now.

Looking at it deeply thought of the family’s fate.
The most unfortunate they look nothing more in an abate
How would they sustain in the years to come?
Would the kids know anything about learning? though not wholesome.
With a heavy heart we walked from that place feeling ashamed.child-beggars-caring-for-each-other-cropped


Small Becomes Big.

Going up into the sky
the little bird vanished from the eye.
It looked like a speimages (21)ck down from here
then it became a so small and disappeared.
How high the little one goes? made me wonder
Hoe tiny it is but flies higher and higher.
Amazed at the velocity with which it flew
and the speed with which it took off in lieu
made me stand aghast at the power of the little one.
Teaching me a lesson that small has to considered
The strength has nothing to do with size.
It lies in within the mind and the many tries
go ahead with a will and determination
making small big and big small.


The windy Mind -Haiku.

The wind blows
just as the mind oscillates
there to here.

There to here
getting to a fierce start
rummaging all things

The wind blows
and the mind strikes through
vindurfar and near.



She being lonely wanted to get along
with the society in a relative term
She tried to mix up for long
but something or other crossed the form

She could not open out free
as she had stayed withdrawn
Now a move to get across like a bee.
seems to be a terrible experience almost gone.

Yet she tried and tried without losing heart
and finally came out with a remedy
Not with a big bang but in close slot
to a little truce of amity.

She had made friends a few intimate
most of them having the same thoughts
Her loneliness gradually dissipated in the ultimate
She gradually commanded respect in a sort.