Economy Devastated

Things untouched are lying there for forty years.
Utensils unused are kept there for forty years.
Jewels not adorned are placed there for forty years.
Furniture not utilised are piled there for forty years.
Dress unworn are arranged there for forty years.
The lady with all these was in her twentieth year then.
She has no intentions to use them any more
She had the desire but circumstances did not allow
They are there for forty years with dust and rust.
That is how things go unattended and lie as dead.
Money invested turns into wasteful expenditurekaluthiru11
How much amount of money thus has been locked?
The community to which she belongs demand even now
They keep them secure locked in a room.
They say it is for the future
Does there is any future after sixty years?
They keep on doing so with added fervour.
knowing not they are killing the economy .


Now And Then ——-Haiku.

The wind blows
peeping through the big windows
now and then.

The rain falls
leaking through the tiled ceiling
now and then.

The sun enters
shining through the download (7)glass doors
now and then.

It is nature
that comes into the house
now and then.


The Wind and The Mind.

The clouds gather in haste.
The sky turns dark,very dark.
all set for a down pour heavy
The wind blows unexpectedly
picking up in velocity
scatters the clouds
clearsimages (95) the sky
and the rain is not seen.

The mind gets clear.
The thoughts spread over.
all set for a decision.
The emotions overwhelm suddenly
gains momentum in speed
diffuses the thoughts
contaminates the mind
and the decision is not taken.


The Voice Of The Minority

The sway of the powerful
the way of the majority in all
the insidious actions of the chief in full
go to make the world a hell
in which we have to live without a yell.

Living without a noise in silence.
Tolerating things done in indulgence
has become the possible mode without negligence
pulling on in this world in accordance
and living in style with perseverance.

The voice of the minority images (94)goes unheard.
They stand in a corner shattered.
They are beaten up and battered.
Have to sustain in the dread
waiting for a release instead.

The world rolls on in great speed
Survival of the fittest is in the lead.
The weaklings are suffering indeed
To come up they have to resort to deeds
that could raise them above all .


The Powerful Majority.

The rule of majority gets going
not only in governance which is showing
but also in families that is not knowing
get reflected in opinions in a roaring
finds place in polls with a rousing
and the long list goes on and an
with the majority claiming power.
States where the origins lived
have come under the majority who invaded.
The invasion was not by war or any other
but by the hunt for gold and diamonds to further
also by trade and commerce to gather.
The natives were driven from the land mercilessly
They sought refuge in far away deserts and hills permanently
from the invader and losing their rights immediately
The Powerful who claim the rule do ignoble acts
depriving the minorities of their rights and facts
and pushing them to strains of penury in tact.
Thus move on the majority in great stride red indians imperiously
making the minority wallow in filth derisively


Mothers’ Love

It is a belief
it is a thought
it has been passed on.
it has stood the test of time.
As every rule has an exception
The thoughts that come down
have many exceptions
that have to be read through
before passing statements
before framing maxims.
One such thought is the love of mother.
Mother love is pure.
It is nectar, the essence
goes on in stories and poems
Majority feel so
As everywhere the majority have a go
the minority have to turn and go flat,550x550,075,f
It so being
mothers are wicked
not to all her children
but to a few
for reasons known to none
but for reasons known to her.
Take this into consideration
when you next pen and eulogise
” Mothers Love” my dear friend.