The Night Watchman Again

The night watchman he is

say  that he sits with eyes  open

I have a one at home

who sits with half-closed eyes

starts to nod as the hours fly

snores loud as the midnight come

sleeps full as the wee hours descend

turns alert at the rise of dawn

stands cheerful and smart in the morn

Well! a duty bound officer in charge

pleased to have one with a fair charge

a figure in the watchman’s robe

a ploy to show off the house is secure

a note of vanity in me well explained.



Economy Devastated

Things untouched are lying there for forty years.
Utensils unused are kept there for forty years.
Jewels not adorned are placed there for forty years.
Furniture not utilised are piled there for forty years.
Dress unworn are arranged there for forty years.
The lady with all these was in her twentieth year then.
She has no intentions to use them any more
She had the desire but circumstances did not allow
They are there for forty years with dust and rust.
That is how things go unattended and lie as dead.
Money invested turns into wasteful expenditurekaluthiru11
How much amount of money thus has been locked?
The community to which she belongs demand even now
They keep them secure locked in a room.
They say it is for the future
Does there is any future after sixty years?
They keep on doing so with added fervour.
knowing not they are killing the economy .