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Me Snoring.

As I was snoring

heard a roaring

got up from my sleep

being very deep

unable to open my eyes

sat up in a peculiar size

pressed my eyelids

played with it like a kid

saw through the windows

rains lashing madly below

scared to a great extent

fell on my pillow at a distance

closed my eyes with fear

the sleep which is very dear

came and embraced me

let go the rain and  roar

I went back to my snore.snoring


The Night Watchman Again

The night watchman he is

say  that he sits with eyes  open

I have a one at home

who sits with half-closed eyes

starts to nod as the hours fly

snores loud as the midnight come

sleeps full as the wee hours descend

turns alert at the rise of dawn

stands cheerful and smart in the morn

Well! a duty bound officer in charge

pleased to have one with a fair charge

a figure in the watchman’s robe

a ploy to show off the house is secure

a note of vanity in me well explained.


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The Lovely Morn

The bees are buzzing busy.

The birds are tweeting cheerfully.

The peacock is dancing happily.

The squirrels are chirping incessantly.

The lizards are talking untiringly.

The frogs are grunting loudly.

The dogs are barking fiercely.

The cats are mewing demurely

The men are snoring peacefully.

As the morn dawns.




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The Loving Grand Pa

Early in the morning there was a sound.

It was not the cock a doodle do.

It was not the clock’s ding-dong.

It was not the baby’s shrill cry.

It was not the bird’s sweet call.

It was not the mother’s shout.

It was not the father’s retort.

It was not the boy’s grumbling.

It was not the paper boy’s cycle bell.

It was not the milkman’s  loud alarm.

It was not the whistling tea-pot.

It was not the hissing shower.

It was, it was, a snore.

Emanating from grand pa.